Rhassoul Clay Powder (150gm)

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Kalagura Gampa Rhassoul Clay Powder is a 150 grams pack of 100% pure and natural form of Ghassoul or popularly known as Rhassoul Clay in its rawest state. Read More

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Kalagura Gampa Rhassoul Clay Powder is a 150 grams pack of 100% pure and natural form of Ghassoul or popularly known as Rhassoul Clay in its rawest state.

Rhassoul Clay has been used for over 1500 years as a soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner, and is used by the finest spas around the world. It can also be used as a facial, body mask and leaves a unique, earthy scent on the skin.

  • 100% pure natural Rhassoul clay sourced from Atlas Mountain, Morocco
  • It is very beneficial for any skin/ hair type.
  • This clay contains higher percentages of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, than other clays.
  • Improves skin clarity, exfoliates dead cells, provides a smooth texture and promotes youthful skin by improving elasticity
  • Potent anti-aging agent, this clay tightens pores while the rich minerals clean and revitalize your skin for a youthful glow
  • Hair masks will help with hair dryness, reduces flakiness, frizz and soothes scalp problems like psoriasis and dandruff

Rhassoul clay (Moroccan lava clay or Moroccan red clay) is a rich mineral clay organically mined. There’s just one natural deposit of Rhassoul clay in the world, and it’s in the ancient lake beds of Morocco near the Atlas Mountains. This clay was formed thousands (or rather millions) of years ago due to weathering and geological processes.

Formed as a result of volcanic activity the clay is extracted, washed, sun-dried and then micronized into a smooth earthy powder. The clay contains silicon, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, lithium, and trace elements that have a tremendously detoxifying and remineralizing effect on the skin.

Because of several benefits that Rhassoul clay gives, Moroccan women have used it for centuries. The royal and elites of ancient Egypt and Greece too have adored this lovely clay. It’s said that people would come from foreign lands to experience the luxurious full body clay wrap in Moroccan hammams.


Face Mask

Rhassoul Clay is an excellent cleansing facial clay and scalp conditioner. Mix equal proportion of clay powder and water or (rose water or milk are optional) till it forms a silky paste. Smooth onto skin and let dry for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Face Scrub

Mix 1 Tablespoon Rhassoul clay with 1 Tablespoon ground steel-cut oats and apple cider vinegar to form a paste. Massage into the face to exfoliate for 1-2 minutes and then leave for another 5 minutes before washing off.

Mud Wrap for Full Body

This soothing and healing mud wrap will give you a spa experience at home. Take ½ cup rhassoul clay, ½ cup oatmeal, and 1 tablespoon coconut oil. Add water to make a smooth paste. Apply as a full-body wrap before bath. Leave it on for 10-15 mins, and then wash off.

Rhassoul Anti-Acne Mask 

You can use this mask to minimize pores, reduce/prevent breakouts, and fade blemishes. Mix 1 tablespoon rhassoul clay, 1 teaspoon honey, 2 drops tea tree oil, and some water to form a paste. Apply on skin and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

Rhassoul Hair Shampoo

Add 2-3 tablespoons rhassoul clay to 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel and enough warm water to make a runny paste. Massage the rhassoul shampoo into the scalp and hair, and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse well.

Your hair will be squeaky clean and bouncy.


1)  Clays should always be first tried using a “patch” test to see if it suits the skin.
((For a Patch test: dab a small amount of the clay mask behind your ear / your inner elbow/wrist area and leave it to dry))
2)  Keep the product away from water contamination as it is all-natural and does not have any added preservatives.
3)  Store it in an airtight container and avoid exposing it to sunlight. Preferably store it in a cool, shaded space.

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