Pure Natural Honey (500 Grams)

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Kalagura Gampa presents the Pure Natural Honey comes in a 500 grams bottle of 100% naturally prepared only.

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Kalagura Gampa presents the Pure Natural Honey comes in a 500 grams bottle of 100% naturally prepared only.


Since times immemorial honey is a valued possession. In our culture honey, is also called as madhu. It is considered one of the five elixirs or Panchatatva. The Vedas have numerous mentions of honey being used for its medicinal properties. It is enjoyed across the world and is the ultimate beauty food. It is used in many rituals and ceremonies as an offering to the gods.

In the olden times it was believed that honey harbours the supreme essence of plants. In many cultures when babies are born they are fed honey hoping they grow up and have speech as sweet as honey.

Our Honey:-

Experience rich, raw and organic honey straight from the lap of nature. We source our honey straight from indigenous tribals and farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. At Kalagura Gampa we maintain the highest standards of purity. Our honey is unprocessed, unpastuerised and unheated. Hence it retains all of the beneficial nutrients. Our honey is multifloral and contains the goodness of many thousand wildflowers giving it a distinct aroma and appearance. It has a beautiful golden brown colour and thick viscous consistency with delectable flavour. It is a great organic nourishing option to integrate in your diet as well as enhance your beauty routine.It is 100 % natural and unadulterated.  Our honey is ethically sourced and processed.


Honey is a great alternative to refined sugar. It is a natural sweetener with nutritious,warming,and cleansing properties. Honey has an alkaline effect on the body and helps in aiding a good environment for the immune system by lowering the inflammation, whether you eat or apply it. Raw honey is a potent healer and is packed with minerals like iron,potassium, zinc and calcium. It is packed with anti oxidants and phenolic compounds that decrease the oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. It is good for heart as well as gut health. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Raw honey can also be applied to face and helps in achieving clear skin with brightened complexion. The potency and property of honey depends on the environment of the bees as well as handling of the collected honey.

How to use:-


Honey does wonders for your oral health. Experiencing toothache? Just eat a few cloves with honey. This will not only help relieve toothache but also take care of bad breath.

Acid reflux:

Honey does wonders for your gut health. Taking honey with apple cider vinegar helps in decreasing instances of acid reflux. It also improves the mineral absorption and decreases inflammation.

Scalp Health:

Honey can be used to battle dandruff and itchy scalp. Add 2 tablespoon honey to 1 eggwhites and use as a pre-wash hair mask.

Substitute for Sugar:

Honey is a great alternative to artificial refined sugar. It can be used as a healthy alternative sweetener.

Caution:-Raw honey should not be given to infants younger than 1 years of age as it has chances of causing botulism. Since honey is a product created by the bees by foraging nectar from the wild, it has chances of being contaminated by the botulism causing bacteria present in the soil and dust.

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