Kaolin Rose Clay Powder (150gm)

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Kalagura Gampa Kaolin Rose Clay Powder comes in a 150 grams pack of 100% natural and pure form of Kaolin Rose Clay only. Read More
Kalagura Gampa Kaolin Rose Powder is a 150 grams pack of 100% pure and natural form of Rose Kaolin Clay that is in its rawest state.
Rose clay is considered a type of kaolin (Kaolinite) clay. The clay is a light to medium pink shade, which comes from a naturally occurring iron oxide.
  • It is a health-friendly and natural kaolin powder.
  • It is useful for both skin and hair.
  • Best Suited for all types of skin, especially dry and sensitive skin.
  • Great for gentle skin exfoliation
  • Can decrease the appearance of pores and skin bulges
  • Tones skin, calms irritation, and helps keep acne at bay
Kaolin Rose clay is often referred to as pink clay and is a mild clay. It is fabulous for most skin types; including sensitive skin, which simply means the clay that has kaolinite as its main component.
Kalagura Gampa Rose clay makes a fantastic soap additive for both color and gentle oil-absorbing properties. The face masks made help to replenish and restore skin with moisture, exfoliate the complexion with its slightly grainy texture, and draw out impurities.
Depending on where the clay is from will determine its mineral content and physical structure, which in turn, affects how it acts on the skin and the color of the raw material.
Acts as a gentle exfoliate
Clays differ in how much moisture they absorb from our skin. Some can be so dehydrating on the skin and can lead to extreme flaking, dryness, skin reactions like redness, acne breakouts etc. Rose clay is suited for most skin types because it doesn't excessively suck out the skin of its natural oils.
Great on sensitive skin
Rose clay works wonders for sensitive skin, as it provides gentle and smooth cleansing action. Natural clays like these can be just as effective at exfoliation, without irritation.
Draws out impurities and tones skin
If used frequently, this mask will draw oils and impurities to the skin surface and can be washed away, which will help reduce the appearance of clogged pores and oily skin. The exfoliating and polishing gradually decreases the existence of pores, skin bulges, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Calms skin irritation and discomfort
Whether it’s dry skin, acne, or a bug bite, kaolin clay is a topical soothing agent that helps calm irritated skin, providing fast and temporary relief. Mixing it with calming essential oils or aloe vera can also help accelerate relief.
Helps keep acne at bay
If you have acne-prone skin, kaolin clay is effective in removing excess impurities, excess oils that clog pores and lead to breakouts. It also helps smooth skin and refines its appearance by minimizing redness. Kaolin Rose clay helps control excess oil and leaves the skin micro biome balanced.
Use: Common use levels are 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per any formula base. While making a face mask, the common use level is 50-75 percent. Test your final product to ensure optimal performance.


1)  Any masks made from scratch or use certain formulas should always be first tried using a "patch" test to see if it suits the skin.
((For a Patch test: dab a small amount of the clay mask behind your ear / your inner elbow/wrist area and leave it to dry))
2)  Some Powders may be absorbed by the pores and result in staining of the skin. Always follow up with coconut oil massage to remove any staining. It may also stain cloth, so be aware and take appropriate measurements.
3)  Keep the product away from water contamination as it is all-natural and does not have any added preservatives.
4)  Store it in an airtight container and avoid exposing it to sunlight. Preferably store it in a cool, shaded space.
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